ETC Filmes to launch PingPlay, new OTT for blind and deaf people, in Brazil

Brazilian content production company ETC Filmes announced its plans to launch PingPlay in the country. It is a new OTT whose content will be offered for people with visual and hearing deficiencies, and will include various resources, such as audio description, descriptive captions and sign language. The launch of the platform is scheduled for next March 15th.

‘We want to promote inclusion, making audiovisual entertainment available aimed at a segment of the population that, at times, lacks truly inclusive digital options’, reported Cassio Kolde, CEO at ETC Filmes.

According to several specialized websites, the Demographic Census that took place in Brazil, implemented by the Instituto Brasileño de Geografia y Estadistica (IBGE) in 2010, reported that 45.6 million people have visual or hearing problems. The number means about 23.9% of the total population in Brazil.

Although the company did not report whether entering the platform will require a subscription payment, the OTT will be available through an application that can be downloaded on iOS and Android devices. ‘The user with visual or hearing problems will find on the platform an easy and accessible browsing environment, created after extensive research with the target audience, and evaluated by professionals with disabilities specialized in user experience’, they reported from the company.