ETB aims to have one million homes with FTTH in Colombia

The Bogota’s Telecommunications Company  (ETB) intends to record one million homes connected with FTTH, that is, 200 thousand more than those covered in 2018. The network’s expansion will cover all of Bogota. The company invested a total of USD 109.5 million this year, of which 25% will be destined to  this project.

‘When we started this administration we had 600 thousand connectable homes, which means that they have the possibility, but they are not our clients. Last year we recorded 800 thousand, and our aim is to reach more than one million, making a great effort’, explained Jorge Castellanos, President of ETB, who expressed  that ‘none of our competitors has such an extensive fiber optic network. like ours, and we are doing it this year because we achieved good results in 2018’.

The executive also informed that, from next month,  several ETB clients, which have 15 to 25 megabytes broadband speed, will have 50 megabytes more for free . Customers who have  50 megabytes broadband speed at present will be increased to more than 100 as part of the plan to expand the offer. Some of the areas where the expansion of the FTTH offer will be developed are Fontibón, Puente Aranda, Toberín, Usaquén, Chicó, Teusaquillo and Chapinero.