Estudios Telemexico produces new series for Claro Video

Estudios Teleméxico and Claro Video presented their first joint production. This is a new original Claro Video comedy in Mexico, entitled ‘Promesas de Campaña’, which will last 13 episodes of one hour each. The series will focus on an electoral contest between fictional parties FIN (Frente Independiente Nacional) and FLAN (Frente Libertario de Acción Nacional).

‘For Claro Video, partnerships are a key component and, this time with Estudios Telemexico, we have the opportunity to create a fresh and fun story like ‘Promesas de Campaña’, said Alberto Islas, General Director at Claro Video. 

Promesas de Campaña is Claro Video’s third original comedy in Mexico, after El Torito e Hijos de su madre. The format is original from FoxTelecolombia, and will be produced by Estudios Teleméxico.

‘For Estudios Telemexico and FoxTelecolombia, this partnership with Claro Video is very important, because it consolidates our commitment to be content generators for the region. We create local stories with worldwide projection, and that is Promesas de Campaña. That is why we are proud to contribute our 21-year experience as producers in Latin America, so that Claro Video continues to fulfill its leadership goals in the region’, said Samuel Duque Duque, FoxTelecolombia and Estudios Teleméxico’s President.