ESPN reportedly working on streaming package for cord-cutters in the U.S


American sports programmer ESPN (Walt Disney Corp.) might be working to unveil a package of live programming it will offer directly to consumers on the Web, according to The Information.


However, the OTT offering won’t include high-value content like NBA, NFL, or any other big-league content; rather, ESPN would offer more niche leagues and possibly some types of college sports.


ESPN has already offered some content directly before, for specific events such as the Cricket World Cup in 2015.


The Information site doesn’t say exactly when the streaming package will be made available, but clarifies that ESPN has “no plans at the moment” to offer its core product for standalone streaming.


In May, ESPN Brazil launched the channels ESPN Extra, ESPN-U and ESPN SEC exclusively por broadband customers. However, users have to be subscribers to an associated operator. The channels are available on the TV Everywhere platform WatchESPN.