ESPN integrates ESPN Play content into its app

ESPN announced that it has integrated ESPN Play content into the TV network’s app, ESPN App. As the company officially reported, some of the advantages of the integration will be the unification of ESPN apps; added to the possibility of stream through Chromecast, and others. The ESPN app can be downloaded on the Play Store (Android) or App Store (iOS, also available for Apple Watch).

The ESPN Play content catalog consists of 6,500 live events per year, and an on-demand catalog archive with content from ESPN programming, as well as exclusive streams and the ability to choose between multiple games simultaneously.

With the integration, the ESPN app allows users an easier access to videos from the sports channel; the possibility of adding their favourite teams for a better user experience in the sports that are most interesting for them; in addition to find news about teams, leagues and sports competitions; and keep them informed with live and personalized scoreboards with goals, scores, statistics and video summaries, among other available functions.