ESPN Extra joined 26 new broadbands providers in Brazil

ESPN Extra, newest ESPN linear channel, joined into 26 broadbands providers snf 22 pay TV operators offers package in Brazil. In 2018, the company was distributed by 48 new partners and surpassed 4 million subscribers.  

‘Pay TV operators and Internet broadbands providers recognize the need to satisfy sports fans wherever they are, offering the most varied content offer to subscribers, regardless the platform’, said Marcello Zeni, Affiliates Sales Vice President at Disney & ESPN Media Networks. And he added that “more than relevant content, it is essential for it to be accessible to subscribers’.

By 2019, ESPN purpose is to continue with it distribution models expansion, with new agreements to be closed in the first quarter. In addition to international football rights. On demand content will also get special series and documentaries productions, expanding its more than 600 ESPN Watch catalog, available on digital platform WatchESPN.