EO Media Distribution to distribute Movistar original series in Latin America

A day after Onza Distribution announced that it will be in charge of distributing the original Movistar Latin America series internationally (not including Latin America), Telefonica Media Networks confirmed that EO Media Distribution will be selling those series within the region. All the series produced by Movistar in Latin America are available on the OTT Movistar Play.

Movistar announced last year a production plan for original series in several Latin American countries, of which two have already been made in Peru (‘Un dia eres joven’ and ‘El dia de mi suerte’), one in Colombia (‘Ruido Capital’) and one in Argentina (‘Manual de Supervivencia’). Onza Distribution reported that the series will be adapted in the international market under the names ‘Aduting’; ‘My lucky day’; ‘Capital Roar’ and ‘Survival Guide’, respectively. EO will also represent a new title, not yet announced.

‘We are delighted to work with EO Media Distribution, and we are confident that this partnership will allow us to reach new audiences in Latin America. We are convinced that Latin American audiences are increasingly looking for original content, and this agreement will allow Movistar audiences to be even more available’, said Joanna Lombardi, Head of Fiction Latin America at Movistar.

As detailed, EO will manage the rights of the series both on VOD, as for FTA TV and pay TV. In addition, in case the series produced by Movistar in Latin America have spinoffs, remakes or more seasons, they will also be distributed in the region by EO Media Distribution.