Entel’s Q2 pay TV revenues up 24% year-on-year


Telecommunications company Entel from Chile has presented its Q216 report in which it registered Pay-TV revenues for Ch$ 6.89 billion (USD 10.3 million), up 24% (in local currency) compared to same period last year.


In turn, the company reported 114,000 pay TV RGUs, a 30% increase when compared to Q215, and a 4.6% growth compared to the 109,000 RGUs registered in Q116.


In its consolidated results, the company reported revenues of Ch$ 459.0 billion (USD 689.5 million), representing growth of 5% compared to Q215, mainly driven by Entel Perú. It had an EBITDA of Ch$ 98.6 billion (USD 148 million, up 11% YoY) and net income of Ch$ 8.8 billion (USD 13.2 million).