Entel Chile says that Disney + and TikTok are the most growing apps

Entel, the telecommunications company from Chile, has been developing a consumption analysis report since the beginning of the pandemic. In the last post, it was revealed that the video apps that had more growth were TikTok and Disney+, surpassing other streaming platforms that have led in previous reports. 

In a first version of the study, it was assured that the mobile data usage, which during the first half of march 2020 was about 39.237.753 GB, stayed high because of the big traffic in video calls, Netflix and TikTok, app that since then continued to go up. 

In june 2021, the number reached 54.692.483 GB, which means an increase of 39% in comparison to the Chilean indexes from before quarantine. In addition, it was detailed that the regions where the traffic grew the most were La Araucanía and Los Ríos, each one with a 74%, and then Región de Magallanes with 65%.

About the app consumption, Entel informed that Facebook leads the list with more than 3.688.231 TB. Anyways, if it refers to growth, the head of the ranking is the video app TikTok, which in the last period presented an increase of 199% in its consumption. Next it follows Telegram, with a rise of 129%, and lastly the streaming platform Disney+, that surpass Netflix in Chile with 120%