Entel Chile offers STBs with Android TV

 As reported by the Chilean website Pisapapeles, the Chilean telco Entel began offering a new STB with Android TV operating system, which will allow its customers to turn their TV into a smart TV. According to Pisapapeles, the offer has been available since last July 8th, when the company started installing it to its customers.

 The website also reported that STBs with Android TV are only distributed to Entel customers who hire additional STBs, for CH $ 2,490 (USD 3) per month. The device is additional to the company’s main one, based on the Linux operating system.

 An anonymous informant, however, reported to Pisapapeles that the STB with Android TV could be bought, or rented to access Entel’s TV offer through a monthly subscription. In addition, the website recently reported that the Entel TV app was integrated into LG and Samsung smart TVs.

 Pisapapeles clarifies that, up to now, no Entel TV referents have expressed themselves on the new STBs with Android TV.