Encripta launches new OTT focused on film premieres in Brazil

The Brazilian company Encripta, owner of the Brazilian OTT Looke, launched a new OTT this last May 28th, called ‘Cinema Virtual’. The platform offers films that were not distributed in cinemas or other VOD platforms. The new initiative works under the TVOD model and allows users to rent titles for a 72-hours period.

Some of the Encripta partners associated with this project are movie theaters and networks such as PlayArte, Petra Belas Artes, Cine Topázio, Moviplex, Centerplex, Cine Company, Cine 14 Bis, Cine Arte Pajuçara,Paradigma Cine Arte, and others. As reported by specialized Brazilian websites regarding how Cinema Virtual works, when  users access the platform, they must choose a title and in which movie theater they wish to watch it. The OTT releases new titles weekly, which remain available for 15 days, although the period can be extended according to the success of each film. Similarly, the entire Cinema Virtual catalog is released there exclusively, and cannot be offered on other VOD platforms for a 90-days period.

Each film shown on the OTT is available at R$ 24.90 (USD 5), although some of them are offered at a lower price. Access to the Cinema Virtual catalog can be done through mobile devices, such as cell phones and tablets, as well as computers and smart TVs.

In addition, and as reported on its official website, the Encripta catalog offers more than 7,500 titles thanks to agreements it has ran with multiple producers and content suppliers. The company’s contents are marketed by different digital platforms, including  Now (Net & Claro Brazil); Sky Play (Sky Brazil); Vivo Play (Telefonica Brazil); Google Play; Microsoft Store; iTunes; Looke; and others.