El Tigre Veron is the most watched series of the year on Cablevision Flow

El Tigre Veron, sixth Turner, Polka, Cablevision and FTA TV channel Canal 13’s co-production, became the most watched Argentine series on the OTT Cablevision Flow, according to what Kantar Ibope Media informed. The series records 2.3 million views on the platform and there are also more than one million homes that watch the program on FTA TV through Canal 13, where it has a 9.3 rating points general average. 

Launched in July, the series is broadcast on Canal 13 and TNT once a week. The project’s scriptwriters are German Maggiori and Marcos Osorio Vidal, and it is directed by Daniel Barone. It’s first season 12 episodes are already available on Cablevision Flow, and it has five episodes aired on Canal 13 at present.  All episodes filming process was developed in external locations, throughout Buenos Aires. 

El Tigre Veron is part of an agreement ran by Canal 13, Turner, Polka and Cablevision in 2017, aimed to develop two original series per year, for a 10-year period. After the new series launching, the companies released other titles, such as Otros pecados, El Lobista, La fragilidad de los cuerpos, El Maestro and Signos.