Newspaper La Nacion from Argentina launches its first online daily newscast


In a further step towards the convergence of digital information media, newspaper La Nacion from Argentina launches today, April 25th, its first daily newscast through its website, informed the company.


La Nacion PM will be conducted by journalist Juan Miceli and will have a one-hour daily live broadcast Monday through Friday at 7 pm, local time. It will have an informative summary of the main events of the day and a daily exclusive interview.


In addition, it will feature contributions from some of the columnists and editors of the newspaper and special segments on economy, sports, entertainment and recreation. The videos will be posted on the main site and on social networks.


La Nacion continues its commitment to the audiovisual format with this new show, which is added to the Conversaciones (Conversations) section, available online since April 2015, and through which 670 interviews have been fulfilled, with nearly 600,000 hours of video.