Editorial Perfil reduces magazines and bets on digital production

Jorge Fontevecchia, owner of the Argentine Editorial Perfil, announced in early May in a video made for the company’s workers that a restructuring process will take place, through which a strong reduction of the Perfil printed products will be implemented to prioritize the multimedia content generation, focused on audiovisual and digital production.

‘The Coronavirus pandemic is an accelerator of changes, which were going to take place in our society anyway, but in a longer period of time, and which were also going to affect the world of work. And they force certain activities to make the changes that were going to be made in five years in five months’, the executive explained in the video.

As part of the future changes, Fontevecchia announced that, from next June 1st, Perfil will produce ‘Periodismo Puro’, the company’s first daily live program, focused on news, to be broadcast on the Net TV channel, launched at the end of 2018. Shortly after, two more daily programs will begin to be produced, also the Net TV screen. They will last two hours each, and will be broadcast during the afternoon, focusing on female audiences.

Perfil President reported that ‘in recent years the internet generated 10% of our income and our jobs, and our magazines and newspaper the remaining 90%’. According to his view, ‘this will no longer be possible, because the sale of copies will be a quarter of that of a decade ago and the sale of advertising in magazines is a tenth of what it was, and in the newspaper a quarter, and all this forces us to reinvent ourselves again’. Later, he added: ‘We imagine a post coronavirus where a third of income and jobs are generated by paper, another third is generated by the web and another third is generated by TV and radio. There we go’.