Edgar Welker enters to the TV sports rights market in Uruguay

Edgar Welker, former President of the Uruguayan Football Association (AUF) bought last December 2018 the rights to broadcast  several football competitions for Uruguay on cable TV, FTA, radio and streaming, such as the South American Sub 17 and Sub 20 tournaments (both competitions already disputed) and the Copa America, through the company Dexary.

Welker sold the Copa America streaming rights to the Uruguayan telecommunications company Antel, which will broadcast its 26 matches to its clients. In addition, the executive ran several agreements with 80 cable operators from Montevideo and the rest of Uruguay to take all the matches from the tournament to them, and confirmed that only matches between Uruguay and Japan (to be played this Thursday), Uruguay and Chile (scheduled for next Monday 24th), Argentina and Qatar (which will take place next June 23rd) and a match of Brazil will be broadcast on FTA, but Welker did not expand himself so much about the Brazil’s match. In case Uruguay qualifies for the Copa America’s Semifinal and Final, cable TV channels may also broadcast those matches.  

The businessman did not mention how much he paid for the Copa America’s rights, but said that they increased by 40% related to 2016. He also expressed that his experience with the South American U17 and U20 tournaments did not meet his expectations, because he did not run any agreement for streaming broadcasts. ‘It was all solved at the last minute and I could not negotiate. However, I took it as an experience, which helped me to return to the market after many years’, he said. Welker also expressed that he is willing to invest in other sporting events and expand his business beyond football.