E! Entertainment premieres five new shows on Facebook Live

E! Entertainment (NBC Universal) announces that it will launch five original new programs via streaming through Facebook Live. With this new initiative, the pay TV channel targets the ‘millennial’ audience.


The first of the new programs, “TV Therapy”, premiered Monday, August 8.  In a press release, NBC Universal said that for the subsequent four weeks, a new series will roll out on different nights.  The company also said that new live shows will be tailored and available on other platforms, such as YouTube and Periscope, in early fall.


In addition to “TV Therapy”, the other programs to be released on Facebbok Live are “So True, So False” (from Thursday August 16); “State Your Case” (August 24); “Another 15 Minutes” (September 1) and “E! News Week-cap “(September 8).


The channel already offers on Facebook the the show “Live From E!”, and now is extending its agreement with the social network’s video platform.


“Expanding the Facebook Live slate was a natural fit given the success of “Live From E!,” and by extending the shows to other platforms, we are able to successfully reach our millennial audience on their preferred screen in the most high-traffic times,” said John Najarian, EVP & GM, E! News and Digital.