DTV Play improves Smart TVs in Brazil

Brazilian Digital Terrestrial TV System (SBTVD), responsible for DTT development in Brazil, announced the launching of DTV Play latest version, which will allow access to Smart TVs applications without leaving FTA TV content . Up to now, to watch any Internet content, clients had to leave the TV and search from the applications menu the one they wants to access. Procedure will become easier with this new DTV Play improvement.

‘One of DTV Play’s main features is to bring on demand content together with broadcasters linear programming’, said Leonardo Chaves, SBTVD Forum Technical Module coordinator. ‘As an example, clients who to be watching a series on FTA TV will receive, at the end of the episode, the offer to continue the plot sequence on the TV screen. By clicking on the icon, transition to content on the internet will be almost imperceptible’, he added. DTV Play’s upgrades also include improvements on sound and image quality.

DTV Play will be available in the new TV sets and will be identified through a specific logo. ‘This symbol will indicate our clients that their TV already has this new technology, with access to all interactivity benefits’, concluded Chaves.