DTT in Cuba covers 60% of population


DTT coverage in Cuba reached 60% of population and more than one million receivers have already been installed in the country, reported the authorities of the country in a press conference held at the Ministry of Communications.


The first tests were made in 2012 and so far, DTT coverage has been guaranteed in the most populated areas of the country, said Carlos Arencibia, Technical Director of the Company of Radiocommunications and Broadcasting of Cuba (RadioCuba).


According to official figures, in the last four years 80 transmitters have been installed in Cuba.  Of these, 72 send signals in SD (8 TV channels and 9 radios), while the other eight transmit signals in HD, available in Havana and Artemisa, Matanzas, Villa Clara and Sancti Spiritus provinces.


Cuba chose the Chinese standard DTMB. According to last census of population and housing conducted in 2012, there are 3.5 million TV sets in Cuba, two million using CRT technology.