DocuBay, SVOD OTT focused on documentaries, is globally launched

DocuBay, platform with an exclusive documentaries catalog, is globally launched and available in more than 180 countries. Its subscribers can access to documentaries in a wide variety of genres, including travelling, culture, nature, adventure, sports and biographies. 

The OTT offers two subscription plans: the premium one, at USD 9.99 for three months and up to three downloads for offline viewing, and the OneTribe, at USD 29.99 per year and unlimited downloads allowed. All movies are available in English, with a new movie released on the platform every day, including premium titles recently acquired through partnerships with Journeyman Pictures and Ananda Media.

‘DocuBay can be accessed from all over the world and most of the titles we are acquiring are with global rights’, said Akul Tripathi, Chief Operating Officer at DocuBay, in June. With DocuBay’s launch, there is finally a home for a new independent voices generation: a platform created to share, elevate and inspire without language, race, geography or nationality limits. DocuBay is a global community, and through these incredible stories, we really are a tribe’, he said regarding the OTT’s global launch. 

In the 180 countries where it arrived, DocuBay is available on several platforms and devices, including iOS / App Store, Android / Google Play, Apple TV and Fire TV, and through the DocuBay website.