Disney will eliminate Star Premium pack in January 2022

After the launch of Star +, the last Disney’s OTT that has already expanded globally, the company announced to all pay TV operators in Latin America that the Star Premium channel package, which requires a separate fee, will be eliminated after the 31st. January 2022. Zapping, the Chilean online subscription service, was the first to communicate the change to its users and confirmed it to Nextv News Latin America, explaining why they will stop selling it from now on.

Disney officially informed us of the end of its premium signals as of January 31, so as a company we decided to stop marketing it to our customers“, Gustavo Morandé, CEO of Zapping, said. “It did not seem right to us to continue selling a product that will end in 4 months. The good news for our users is that we have just incorporated HBO’s premium signals into our  offer, which in addition to its 8 live channels, includes access to HBO Max”, he explained, as the company announced on its official blog.

Starting in February 2022, premium channels STAR Series, STAR Cinema, STAR Hits, STAR Action, STAR Fun, STAR Comedy and STAR Classics will disappear from the grid throughout Latin America. Meanwhile, the basic package signals such as STAR Channel, STAR Life and FOX Sports will continue unchanged.