Disney to premiere ‘Soul’ on Disney + in PVOD format

The Walt Disney Company has recently announced that ‘Soul’, a new original film from Pixar Animation Studios, will be released on December 25th on Disney+, its SVOD OTT, soon to be released in Latin America. This is the second Disney film that skips movie theaters and is released on an OTT, in PVOD format, after ‘Mulan’.

Up to now, the price to access Soul has not been announced. In the case of ‘Mulan’, the price to rent it in the US was valued at USD 29 in the US, and around USD 26 in the rest of the world. Furthermore, in a recent interview, Diego Lerner, President at The Walt Disney Company Latin America, reported that ‘Mulan’ will also be available in Latin America directly on Disney +, and will also skip movie theaters in the region.

‘In the last six months, market conditions created by the pandemic we are suffering, despite being complicated in many aspects, also represent an opportunity to innovate in content distribution strategies’, they reported from Disney when announcing new plans for ‘Soul’. ‘With more than 60 million subscribers during its first year of launch, the Disney+ platform is the perfect choice for families and fans to enjoy a Pixar movie at home like never before’, they added.

Either way, ‘Soul’ will be released in movie theaters in markets where Disney+ is not currently available, or in the immediate future. From the company they reported that the release dates of the film will be announced soon.