Disney to invest USD 24 billion for the new OTT

Disney 1

Disney will launch its OTT Disney Plus at the end of 2019. RBC Capital Markets led an research which  determined that it was the company that invested most in content, with a USD 23.8 billion projection for this year. It is followed by AT & T with USD 14.3 billion, and Netflix with USD 14 thousand millions.

The company announced several projects and plans to invest USD 500 million in its own productions and include original films in its catalog, with a between USD 20 million and USD 60 million budget range.

‘Disney spends more on content than anyone else in the world. It has decades of experience in making excellent content , has a huge balance and its brand is known throughout the world’, said Steven Cahal, media analyst at RBC Capital Markets to specialized media Variety.

Disney’s CEO and President, Bob Iger, plans to develop content from Marvel, Lucasfilm, Pixar and also Disney in its OTT. With Disney and Fox merge soon to be finalized, Fox is expected to also add its material to it, as well as its main operating units , including FX, Fox Searchlight and National Geographic documentaries.  

Among most relevant projects for the launch of ‘Disney Plus’, Iger highlighted ‘The Mandalorian’, the first live action series that, according to what he reported, ‘will be a sale point for Disney Plus’.