Disney+ to include original Latin American series from its debut in the region

While implementing different partnerships before its official launch in Latin America, Disney+ continues to give details about the catalog that it will feature in the region. Recently, from the platform’s official social networks they began to report details of ‘Sobrevolando’, an original Latin American production that will be available on Disney+ from the day of its arrival at the region.

‘Sobrevolando’ is a new National Geographic’s original series, which will show different landscapes of eight Latin American regions, located in Argentina, Mexico, Peru and the Dominican Republic. As reported, the original Disney title will focus on different issues about the Latin American regions already mentioned, including their geography, as well as their history and culture, through images, curious data and stories.

In addition, ‘Sobrevolando’ will be narrated by several Latin American voices, such as the one of the Argentine singer-songwriter Fito Paez, Mexican composer Jay de la Cueva, and  Brazilian actor Rodrigo Santoro. The premiere of Disney + in Latin America is scheduled for November 17th. The platform’s catalog will include titles from Disney, Pixar, Star Wars, Marvel and National Geographic available.