Disney shares sports TV rights between ESPN and Fox Sports in Brazil after merger with Fox

After, last May, the Brazilian Economic Defense Administrative Council (CADE) approved Disney-Fox merger in the country without selling Fox Sports Brazil as a requirement, ESPN and Fox Sports began to share some football leagues TV rights, which has recently resumed their professional activities after being canceled due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Initially, ESPN began airing matches from the Bundesliga, the professional football league that takes place in Germany, when the TV rights owner for the tournament is Fox Sports, and Fox Sports began broadcasting matches of the Portuguese League, whose TV rights belong to ESPN. In addition, ESPN and Fox Sports will also share Premier League’s TV rights in Brazil, when ESPN originally owns the rights. As reported by Brazilian specialized websites, apart from sharing sporting events TV rights, the channels have also started to exchange journalists with each other.

In addition, as reported by the specialized website TAVI Latam, Disney recently decided to cancel Central Fox, Fox Sports newscast, in Brazil. According to the website, since Disney acquired Fox, it has stopped its local productions for Fox Sports in Colombia, Chile, Uruguay and Peru.

The sale of Fox Sports in Brazil and Mexico was one of the requirements imposed by CADE and IFT (Telecommunications Federal Institute) regulators, when they authorized the operation, with the aim of avoiding the concentration of sports channels in the market, since Disney also owns ESPN. In Mexico, the IFT reported that, taking the Coronavirus situation into account, the disengagement period was suspended. According to the IFT, it will be resumed on June 20th and will end next August 3rd.