Disney plans to acquire 70% Hulu

As reported by Variety, Disney is having ‘active conversations’ with AT&T to buy Warner Medias’ 10% that is owns in Hulu since 2016. In November 2018, when Warner Media announced its plans to launch its OTT, AT&T executives confirmed to be interested in sailing that 10%, valued at USD 930 million.

If the acquisition is done, Disney would have 70% control over Hulu. It currently owns a 30%, and would also take a 30% from Fox if the sell success.

According to the latest report, published in January, Hulu added 8 million subscribers in 2018 and ended the year with more than 25 million customers among its VOD and Lite TV offerings. These includes more than 60 live channels and reached one million subscribers one year after it was launched. Figures mentioned positions Hulu as the main cable and satellite pay TV provider in the US. In addition, the OTT announced original production plans, such as associations with Marvel and talents like Leonardo Di Caprio and Marin Scorsese.