Disney not to launch AVOD version for Disney+

Bob Chapek, CEO at The Walt Disney Company, reported during the last Credit Suisse Annual Communications Conference virtual edition that the company does not plan to launch an AVOD version for Disney+, available in Latin America since November 2020.

‘We have no such plans to launch an AVOD version for Disney+. We are happy with the model we got’, the executive reported.

Two of the streaming players that have announced the launch of ad-supported versions of their OTTs have been HBO Max (WarnerMedia) and Paramount+ (ViacomCBS). Up to now, however, neither company has confirmed that the platform’s AVOD versions will be available in Latin America. In the case of ViacomCBS, the company launched its SVOD OTT, Paramount+, on March 4th in the region. In addition, WarnerMedia confirmed that it will launch the SVOD version of HBO Max in Latin America on June 29th.

Disney, like Netflix, have not considered this option to continue developing their businesses. One of the company’s upcoming projects in Latin America will be the launch of Star+, its new SVOD OTT, which will take place on August 31st in the region.