Disney launches Disney+ with Telefonica

The Walt Disney Company Iberia and Telefonica announced that Movistar will be the strategic partner for the distribution of Disney + at its launch in Spain. While the OTT has not yet launched in Latin America, Telefónica integrated Netflix and Amazon Prime Video in countries in the region, and is expected to offer its customers access to the Disney platform for an additional monthly price.

While there is no official confirmation that the Disney+ distribution agreement by Telefonica is extended to Latin America, the company integrated Netflix into its TV platforms in the region in 2018. The agreement included the Netflix app integration into the Movistar TV STBs and the possibility of accessing the OTT from Movistar Play, in addition to the option to pay the subscription through the Telefonica invoice. The agreement also contemplated the incorporation of Netflix to some mobile data plans without incurring consumption over its standard data packages. In February, Mauricio Vásquez, TV and Video Manager at Movistar Colombia, announced that Netflix and Movistar partnered to offer Netflix memberships in the country.

In October 2018, Telefonica -whose Brazilian operations are made under the ‘Vivo’ brand-, announced the integration of Netflix on its IPTV platform, which allowed the company’s customers subscribed to the OTT offer n to access the content through their STB and Vivo TV remote control.  A month earlier, Vivo also announced an agreement with Amazon to offer the OTT Prime Video as an additional service, which would allow fixed and mobile Telefonica customers in the country to access the content for free for a three-month period and pay for the OTT subscription from Vivo’s monthly invoice. In September 2019, Movistar announced the integration of Amazon Prime Video on its OTT Movistar Play platform in Argentina and, at the end of last year, the integration of Amazon Prime Video in Movistar Play, in Chile, was also announced.

As Telefonica officially reported, in the next few days, Movistar will give details about the way in which customers will enjoy Disney+ and the integration in the commercial offer in Spain.