Disney gets a new deadline to sell Fox Sports in Mexico and Mediapro emerges as a possible buyer

As reported by several specialized websites in Mexico, the country’s Instituto Federal de Telecomunicaciones (IFT) granted a new deadline to The Walt Disney Company for it to sell  Fox Sports in Mexico, one of the conditions that the Mexican regulator had ordered when it authorized the Disney-Fox merger, officially concluded in March 2019.

At first, Disney had until this last December 4th as the final term for the sale of Fox Sports in Mexico, but, with the extension, it will finally have until March 4th, 2021. Also, several websites in Mexico reported that the Spanish company Mediapro is one of those with the negotiations on track to acquire Fox Sports México, and is awaiting the approval of the IFT to officially implement the transaction.

Since the IFT ordered the sale of Fox Sports Mexico, various local websites reported the names of various companies as candidates to be buyers, including AT&T, Fox Corporation, DAZN, Mediapro, NBC and Comcast. In Brazil, CADE approved the Disney-Fox merger without the need to sell Fox Sports in the country.