Disney establishes its new structure in Latin America

The Walt Disney Company announced its new business structure in Latin America after it merged with 21st Century Fox, which will include a total of 12 leaders throughout the region. The operation will be led by Diego Lerner.

The group’s channels affiliated and advertising sales (including family channels, for children, sports and entertainment), these topics channels programming  and the production of sports content for their markets will be developed by Guillermo Tabernera (for South and the Caribbean), and Carlos Martínez in North and Brazil. Fernando Barboza will lead the local productions  management and Disney TV content distribution, and will manage the company’s channels. Natalia Scalia will lead the Direct-to-Consumer segment and will be the operational manager of Digital Media, with the challenge of setting up a digital excellence center in the region. Martín Iraola will be responsible for the company’s activities in films, live shows and music.

Geographic leaders will be Federico Alemán (Mexico) and Michel Piestun (Brazil), who will manage the In-Home and Out-Home local businesses, working together with the company’s business leaders and representing Walt Disney to external interlocutors. Services areas will be in charge of Cristina Giosa (marketing and communication), Daniela Novick (data science, content impact analysis and subscription and retention models), Juan Verges (responsible for the company’s finances) and Mercedes De Belaustegui (Human Resources leader). Eugenia Ricardes, Chief Regional Counsel of The Walt Disney Company Latin America, joins the company from FOX Networks, Latin America.

‘The announced structure will allow a more shared, faster and adaptable company’s assets portfolio management and the optimization of the resources applied in supporting the company’s strategic priorities’, they said from Disney. Diego Lerner, president of The Walt Disney Company Latin America, and explained that ‘by focusing on consumer experiences and applying a pan-regional focus, we designed an organization that stands out for its agility to react to changing conditions, and for its versatility to do so in multiple business stages with a consistent level of success. To meet this goal, we built an organizational model from scratch, without restrictions from pre-existing configurations in the company’.