Disney confirmed the launch of ESPN 4 to replace Fox Sports in Latin America

As published by the TAVI Latam news portal, The Walt Disney Company confirmed to the website that the Fox Sports signal will be eliminated from Latin America on December 1, 2021, and that, in its replacement, the brand will launch the ESPN 4 channel. However, in the case of Argentina and Brazil there is still no date for the transfer, due to the processes of their respective regulatory entities.

Last week, the news site Tribuna Deportiva announced the change of channels for the beginning of next month after receiving “unofficial information”. But it was not until now that Disney confirmed that it will indeed say goodbye to Fox Sports to continue betting on its brand.

After having started the transfer of content and journalistic figures to ESPN signals, the company has finished consolidating its sports content offer to be able to expand its catalogue on Star +, the OTT that had problems taking off in Latin America and that Disney is trying to promote as a cradle for sports fans, incorporating more and more exclusive sports broadcasts.