Disney+ already records 10 million subscribers two days after its launch

Disney+, the long-awaited Disney OTT launched on Tuesday in the US, Canada and Holland, has already recorded 10 million subscribers. The figure is higher than expectations of both analysts and Disney, which expected to have around 8 million subscribers by the end of this year for its SVOD platform.

Despite the figure, Disney+ offers a free seven-day trial period to its clients, and many of them would decide not to subscribe once it finishes. In addition, Disney has offered early registrations for several weeks before the launch. In the US, Disney+ ran its first distribution agreement with Verizon, which offers its clients to subscribe to the OTT for free for a year. For these reasons, part of the subscribers that Disney+ recorded did not join it during the following hours after its launch.

In August, Disney announced its OTT global expansion, ‘with plans to be in all major regions in the world in the next two years’. Australia, New Zealand and Puerto Rico will be added to the launches in the US, Canada and the Netherlands on November 19th. After that, in March 2020, Disney+ will arrive at Western Europe markets, where it will be launched in the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and other countries in the region. The company also reported that the platform will be available in Latin America next year.