Disney agrees with Lionsgate and will pay almost USD 10 million to use the ‘Star’ and ‘Star+’ brands in Brazil

Brazilian website UOL has reported this last Monday, August 9th, that The Walt Disney Company and Lionsgate, owner of the SVOD OTT Starzplay and the premium TV network Starz, have finally run an agreement so that Disney can use the ‘Star’ and ‘Star+’ brands in Brazil. Up to now, neither company has officially expressed itself on the matter. 

The problem between Disney and Lionsgate began last June, when the owner of Starzplay filed a lawsuit against The Walt Disney Company, in which it reported that Star+, the name that Disney will use to launch its new SVOD OTT in Latin America, is very similar to Starzplay, and that similarity between the two could get users confused.

Finally, as reported days ago, and with the aim of solving the conflict, Disney will pay Lionsgate the amount of R$ 50 million (almost USD 10 million), so that the owner of Starzplay cancels its lawsuit, which will allow Disney to use the ‘Star+’ brand for its SVOD OTT, which will be launched in Latin America on August 31st, and the ‘Star’ brand for Fox’s premium channels, which were rebranded in the region last February. Lionsgate had filed similar lawsuits against Disney in Argentina and Mexico as well, but no details have been reported on them.

In Latin America, Star+ will be launched as a standalone OTT, although it will also be offered in bundle with Disney+, launched in the region in November 2020.