Dish adds Netflix to its satellite TV offer

The Mexican satellite TV operator, Dish, integrated Netflix into one of its packages that it now offers at a promotional price of USD 14.86. Subscribers to the service will be able to access the OTT both from their televisions and from any other device that supports the app.

Previously, the company had already included the Amazon Prime Video, Paramount +, Starz Play, HBO Max, Noggin and Dish Móvil platforms, its own OTT that has a library of 74 channels’ content. With its latest incorporation, the operator is getting closer and closer to the pay TV model that other Latin American companies are following, such as DirecTV, Globo (Brazil) and Flow (Argentina), of having all streaming services in a single place for its users.

On the other hand, the agreement also boosts the growth of the platforms, which are finding it increasingly difficult to find users in Latin American countries, due to subscription costs and competition against other apps. In addition to benefiting its subscribers with the addition of Netflix, Dish reduced the cost of all its packages to USD 14.86 to attract more customers.