DirecTV premieres documentary about Diego Maradona in October

DirecTV informed it will premiere the documentary ‘Diego Maradona’, directed by Asif Kapadia, next October 2nd. The content will be available on OnDirecTV (exclusive DirecTV Latin America channel) and the DirecTV GO OTT. The rights for the documentary had been acquired by the company in May.

As DirecTV officially reported, the documentary has more than 500 hours of unpublished audiovisual material, and is mainly focused on the stage in which Maradona played in Naples. ‘The idea is to show the story of a football player whose unique talent on the football pitch  made him live in his personal life the good and not so good aspects of fame’ , they completed.

‘We are proud to continue supporting the incredible films made by Asif Kapadia, first Amy (documentary based on London singer Amy Winehouse), and now with Diego Maradona’, said Willard Tressel, General Manager at OnDirecTV Latin America. ‘His storytelling style is unique. Kapadia knows how to show complex characters and multiple edges of each personality. In this case, he shows us the different ways of understanding the hero, the myth and the legend of Maradona’, he added.

This way, OnDirecTV strengthens its commitment with the documentary genre after the exclusive broadcast of ‘Amy’ in 2015, and others such as The Clinton Affair, The Kennedy Files, Pope: The Most Powerful Man In History, Weinstein: The Inside Story, Woodstock and The Vietnam War.