DirecTV Latin America launched new satellite with Intelsat to enhance its coverage in the region


DTH company DirecTV (AT&T) Latino America announced through a press release that it successfully launched its new DLA-2 satellite module, which seeks to promote their Pay-TV operator services in the region


“The new satellite will enhance our customer service capabilities and solidify our position as the leading Pay-TV service in the region. DLA-2 is identical to DLA-1, launched in 2014, which will allow us to continue offering a high level of reliability to current and future customers in Argentina, Chile, the Caribbean, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela”, said DirecTV Latin America President, Jeff McElfresh.


The DLA-2 will be located at the same orbital position as the former, 95º West, so DirecTV subscribers in Latin America will not have to make any changes in the orientation of their antennas or its decoders when the new satellite becomes operational. The new module is hosted on the Intelsat 31 satellite, launched on a Proton vehicle from Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan.