DIRECTV GO offers exclusive discount for new subscribers in Brazil

The streaming platform DIRECTV GO announced that it will offer an exclusive discount on the monthly plan for new customers in Brazil, in order to boost its subscriber base. In addition, those who purchase the service will be able to access one year of HBO Max for free, thanks to the agreement made with the OTT.

From now on, those who subscribe to the platform will have to pay a monthly subscription of approximately USD 9, instead of the old rate that cost around USD 13. However, the new promotional value will be valid for the first 4 months of the service, and once finished, the price will be restored to the original cost.

On the other hand, DIRECTV GO also added new benefits to its annual plan in Brazil, which will now offer two free months of access to the platform, plus the delivery of a free ROKU device, so that the user can access the service from their own TV, even if it is not a Smart TV.