DirecTV decreases revenues and loses subscribers in Latin America

In its Q1 2020 quarterly results presentation, AT&T reported 13.2 million subscribers to Vrio, the company’s subsidiary that manages DirecTV’s operations in Latin America. The figure means a 367 thousand subscribers reduction compared to the same period 2019, when the company recorded 13.5 million subscribers.

In addition, the results show a 114 thousand subscribers decreasement between Q4 2019 and Q1 2020. According to the AT&T report, Vrio recorded 13,331 thousand subscribers at the end of last year, and, at the end of the first three months 2020, the figure was reduced to 13,217 thousand.

Vrio’s operating income in the region during the first three months of the year was valued at USD 887 million, a figure that also represents a reduction in relation to the USD 982 million recorded at the end of last year, and the 1,067 million that the company got in Q4 2019.

Days ago, WarnerMedia (AT&T) announced that its SVOD OTT HBO Max will be officially launched next May 27th in the US. John Stephens, CFO at AT&T, explained to the specialized website FierceVideo that HBO Max intends to have 50 million subscribers in the US and between 75 and 90 million premium subscribers by the end of 2025, among its subscribers in the US, Europe and Latin America. The platform is expected to arrive at the region in 2021.