DirecTV broadcasts the FIFA Women’s Football Cup in 4K for Latin America

The FIFA Women’s World Cup is being played in France until July 7th through DirecTV Sports, whose coverage includes live and 4K broadcasts and 4K through channel 4000 of its programming grid.

Argentine, Brazilian and Chilean National Teams are the ones from Latin America taking part of the competition, which is having 52 National Teams competing. Programming is available on, and DireTV Sports App. The content can be watched in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela.

Brazilian National Team matches will be aired by that country’s channel Globo. The company is taking the competition to Brazilian FTA TV for the first time, and will also broadcast the American Cup, which will begin this Friday in the country. Globo is broadcasting both sporting events, and, as part of the advertisements shown during its programming, it showed men and women playing football together in the Brazilian National Team.