DirecTV and the Antv of Colombia claim each other a millionaire debt


Satellite TV company DirecTV (AT&T) and the National Television Authority (Antv) of Colombia are demanding one another a millionaire debt as a result of a legal dispute that has its origin in 2002.


The regulator appeals to a 2005 ruling of the State Council to determine that companies Sky and Galaxy of Colombia, now DirecTV, still owe USD 4.1 million in adjustments in self-assessments.


Antv said in a statement to the local press that the DTH company failed to meet 100% of the corresponding fee but only with 60% since it limited itself to subscription percentages and not to other amounts as the leasing of decoders.


Meanwhile, the company defended itself against the accusations by targeting a debt on the contrary sense on the grounds that the payment made at the time was calculated on a rate of 10% when it should have been of 7.5%. “Whoever should have to make a monetary return is the Antv to DirecTV”, they expressed in a separate statement.