DirecTV airs special production to commemorate Woodstock’s 50th anniversary

OnDirecTV, channel available for all DirecTV subscribers in Latin America, announced it will broadcast the documentary ‘Woodstock: three days that defined a generation’ today, which aims to tell the story of the mythical festival that brought together more than half a million fans and some of the greatests artists of all times over three days. 

The documentary will be available today on OnDirecTV (channel 201 SD and 1201 HD), and also on DirecTV GO, OTT also available in several countries in the region.

In August 1969, almost half a million people gathered on a New York state’s farm, in what began a legendary event, which defined a generation and meant the end of one of the most turbulent decades in modern history. 50 years after the event, DirecTV will air a documentary telling its story and legacy.