DirecTV ables up to 91 TV channels in Latin America due to Coronavirus

Following the evolution of the Coronavirus (Covid 19), DirecTV announced it is making up to 91 channels of various genres available for a large part of its subscribers in Latin America.

As officially reported by the company, starting today, and gradually, up to 91 channels will be released at no additional cost. They vary according to each subscribers country of residence, the type of subscription and the technology available on  each household (SD or HD). DirecTV reported that, in the case of Argentina, up to 55 SD and 36 HD channels will be added.

Some of the SD channels to be available for free for DirecTV subscribers in the region are  AXN, AMC, Atres Series, Comedy Central, TBS, SyFY, TruTV, Glitz, Lifetime, El Gourmet, Food Network, Zoomoo, Boomerang,  Golden, Cinemax, Paramount Channel, Sundance Channel, De Pelicula, Golden Edge, ESPN 3, Golf Channel, CNN International, Bloomberg, Nat Geo Wild, Discovery Turbo, TLC, Sun Channel, H2, Film&Arts, RAI Italia, BBC,DW and RTP International.

Part of the list of the HD channels to be added to DirecTV’s catalog are AXN HD, AMC HD, TNT Series HD, Atres Series HD, Comedy Central HD, SyFY HD,  Lifetime HD, Food Network HD, HGTV HD, Nick Jr. HD, Baby TV HD, Golden HD, Cinemax HD, Paramount Channel HD, Sundance Channel HD, Europa Europa HD, Atres Cine HD, TV Cortos HD, ESPN 3 HD, Golf Channel HD, Discovery Theatre HD, Nat Geo Wild HD, Discovery World HD, TLC HD, H2 HD, Smithsonian HD and Antena 3 HD.

The benefit will also be extended to the DirecTV GO platform, until next March 31st. Subscribers from Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Uruguay will be able to enjoy up to 35 additional live and on-demand TV networks, at no additional cost. The number of TV channels changes depending on the country where each subscriber lives,  and the type of client. Apart from that, and for a 30-day period the Canal Escuela Plus (channel 804) will also be available on DirecTV, which provides educational content while schools are closed in several Latin American countries. Escuela Plus is a Corporate Social Responsibility program that provides educational TV in rural schools and that DirecTV develops in almost 10 thousand establishments in Latin America, together with its partners: Discovery, Disney, National Geographic, Tournaments and Takeoff Media.