Dimayor launches its e-League in Colombia with Win Sports

The Colombian pay TV channel Win Sports announced that it will broadcast the Dimayor #StayandPlay e-League, the first competition that will bring together professional Colombian football players in a tournament that is starting this Saturday, April 25th and will be developed through the FIFA 20 videogame, on Playstation 4. The initiative is implemented with the purpose of offering an alternative to fans due to the cancellation of the Professional Football League in the country, because of the Coronavirus pandemic. Broadcasts will be made through Win Sports and Win Sports Online.

‘We are all avid for football, and that is why, in a joint effort with Win Sports, we are trying to bring a new entertainment option to Colombians. We know that each of the football clubs fans is excited to see a player who is normally on the court, now at home and defending the colors of his team, but in another way. That is why we bet on this initiative with the  FIFA20 videogame’, said Jorge Enrique Velez, President of the Colombian Football Major Division (DIMAYOR), entity in charge of managing and regulating professional football tournaments in Colombia.

The competition will feature 47 matches, in which the 20 clubs from the 2019 Aguila League will participate. Each team will be represented by a player from the current squad, who will face its competitors through FIFA 20 on Playstation 4. Win Sports will broadcast a daily match from Monday to Friday, and two matches on Saturdays and Sundays. The broadcast of each event will last for about one hour, and will include the pre-match, the match and the post, in which what happened in the match, the best plays and interviews the footballers will be made and analyzed. The Win Sports team responsible for broadcasting the matches will join a video game specialist. The competition is developed thanks to the support and authorization of Latin American Equity Sports LLC., holder of the video game rights.

‘The channel has always been committed to innovation, as it is the only way to be sustainable over time and face exceptional situations like this. For that reason, we are proud to have the challenge of broadcasting the first tournament that brings together professional Colombian football players in a video game competition, which, we know, meets the goal that we have set ourselves for these days of providing emotion, entertainment and union between fans of this sport, despite the pandemic’, said Jaime Parada, President of Win Sports.