Digital audio advertising revenue would reach USD 100 million in Latin America by 2026, estimates Dataxis

According to a Dataxis study, revenue from digital audio, radio streaming, and podcast advertising in Latin America could reach USD 100 million by 2026. Although business continues to be small in the region today, many Latin American media groups are investing on these new formats and the trend is growing more and more. On November 3 and 4, Dataxis will be holding the Next Audio Latin America virtual event, where a large group of professionals will speak and debate about the evolution and future of digital audio.

According to Dataxis, the irruption of digital media in advertising did not cause a great impact on the radio, as it did on television and the graphic media, so it kept its income stable. However, due to that same stability, the development of digital options for radio stations was delayed, and it wasn’t until a few years ago that they received the technology that allowed them to advance with digital monetization.

During 2020, barely USD 25 million in advertising was generated in the sector, a figure that represents only 5% of the revenues of traditional radio. However, in that same year, music streaming services, which make a marked difference in attracting new users through their podcast offering, reached 110 million monthly users and revenues of USD 970 million. “Although music players have promoted the format, they do not intervene in the monetization of that content. Each producer sells his product. And there is a wide spectrum of possibilities for monetization”, Dataxis says.