Digicel relies on Sandvine’s network intelligence

Digicel, the Caribbean telecommunications and entertainment company, commissioned Sandvine, a leader in cloud-based applications and network intelligence solutions, with a multi-million dollar commission to boost its new proposition. Launched last year, it offers personalized digital experiences with a suite of healthy life, news, music, and messaging apps, among others.

For the past eight years, the company has operated with Sandvine’s Revenue Generation and Network Optimization use cases and is now taking the next step by moving to its Active Network Intelligence (ANI) portal. Driven by the combination of 5G technologies with the cloud, automation and machine learning, it prepares operators to integrate into the future market of 5G applications and network segments.

Sandvine’s analytics capabilities increase our ability to create innovative plans for our customers and deliver the best application experience possible“, Krishna Phillipps, Digicel Group CTO, explained. “Applications in consumer and enterprise settings will become more complex and dynamic, making high-quality application experiences a must for improving customer experience”, she added.

Lyn Cantor, CEO of Sandvine, said: “Digicel is one of the most agile groups of operators with which Sandvine has worked. Its unmatched ability to rapidly roll out new usage-based plans and leverage advanced analytics to deliver high-quality application experiences is helping them accelerate the growth of their digital service“.