Diego Maradona’s series to have two seasons in Amazon Prime Video

Guillermo Salmeron, scriptwriter of ‘Blessed Dream’, a bioserie about Argentine ex-football player Diego Maradona, confirmed it will have two seasons and revealed details about the production. The format was acquired by Amazon almost a year ago, and is in development process since 2016. It is a BTF Media, Dhana Media and Raze production for Amazon Prime. It can be seen worldwide as an Amazon Original series and will be distributed by Disney Media Distribution Latin America once the period of exclusivity of the OTT finishes.

Salmeron said that the series will have two seasons, which will have 10 episodes each. ‘Season one is finished, it is 10 episodes long and we are already working on the second one, with another 10. We started the series from the beginning, that is why this first season is called ‘Blessed Dream’, the scriptwriter explained, adding that the series  will be developed through two timelines.

He also explained that the initiative to make ‘Blessed Dream’ in two seasons was not something that they had planned in advance. ‘When we started to circulate the books, logically they came to Amazon’s executives, who did not care much about football and they did not have expectations with the series. They thought it would be  for a male audience or sports lovers, but they got very excited and immediately thought about doing another season’, he said.

‘It is a one-hour biopic series that will follow this legendary footballer triumphs and challenges, as well as key moments of both professional career and personal life, explained Amazon officially on the content to be developed in ‘Blessed Dream’. Its release date has not been announced yet.