Deloitte expects 150 million canceled SVOD subscriptions by 2022

Consulting firm Deloitte announced that by next year, it projects that at least 150 million SVOD subscriptions will be canceled globally, representing a 30% increase by market in cancellation rates. However, in its report “2022 TMT Predictions“, the company also assured that the number of new accounts will be greater than the number of suspended ones, and that then the number of subscriptions per person will also increase.

In addition, the report detailed that AVOD models are increasingly popular in regions such as Latin America and Asia Pacific. “The Asian model can show how US services can expand globally and how providers in Europe, Latin America and Africa can expand their own offerings“, the company explained.

On the other hand, Deloitte also noted that its prediction foresees the maturation of the SVOD market, as it becomes more competitive. “As SVOD matures in multiple markets, we predict that its growth will increasingly be based on ad-supported models, and that the metric for SVOD’s success will focus less on subscriber count and more on overall revenue for all. services and sources“, it said in the analysis.

On December 14, 2021, Mike Dean, Managing Director of Deloitte, will moderate the panel “The challenges of advanced advertising for broadcast TV signals”, in the inaugural edition of the Nextv Ad USA event of Dataxis. During the encounter, Dean will talk with executives from companies such as Fox Corporation, ViacomCBS Vantage and Univision about addressable advertising and cross-platform advertising campaigns on open TV, among other topics.