DAZN arrives at Latin America with a new sponsorship model

DAZN Group announced significant changes in its structure.  In the Latin American Spanish market, where DAZN was not launched as an OTT yet, it created ‘an innovative off-the-shelf network’ called DAZN +. In addition, the sports platform VOD ePlayer was renamed, and its new denomination is DAZN Player.

‘This is a decisive moment for DAZN, as we mobillize our brands combined strength, products, editorial stuff and video content, together with  information based on data to create an innovative way for advertisers to partner with sports and fans. locally and globally’, said James Rushton, CRO of DAZN Group. In addition, he explained that the company ‘is analyzing anything: from unique formats,  to brand content and sponsorship, that offer value for brands and allow DAZN to continue investing in premium content’. The company will incorporate sponsorships and advertising to introduce ads before the full launch, which will be later this year.

DAZN is now available in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Japan, Italy, Canada and the United States. At the end of February, it was launched in Spain, and the next South American country where it will be available is Brazil. The company also reported that its goal is to expand itself to 20 countries for next year.