CuriosityStream now available on PlayStation 4 consoles in the US, Canada and Latin America

The SVOD OTT CuriosityStream has announced that its entire lineup of original films, films, series and shows is now available to be watched on PlayStation 4 (PS4) consoles in the US, Canada and Latin America, giving gamers access to CuriosityStream’s more than 3 thousand titles based on nature, science and history, technology, adventures, travel, space explorations an other related topics. 

Those PS4 users who wish to access CuriosityStream’s titles can download the platform’s app directly from the ‘Video Apps’ section of the PlayStation Store. In addition, although the OTT expansion on PS4 consoles is taking place in the US, Canada and Latin America, they reported that CuriosityStream is set to launch on PS4 consoles across Europe and Asia in the coming weeks. Apart from that, the platform’s entire library of 4K shows is also available on supported devices, including the PS4 Pro consoles. 

‘PlayStation 4 has been our most requested platform from customers’, reported Devin Emery, CuriosityStream’s Chief Product Officer &  EVP Content Strategy. ‘The PlayStation community is such a highly engaged audience, and we are thrilled to bring a seamless integration of great curated content from CuriosityStream to PlayStation gamers’, the executive added.

The platform has recently run strategic partnerships with several operators in the region, such as Totalplay in Mexico; Liberty Global / Flow in the Caribbean; Rev TV in Bahamas; and even with Millicom, whose operations in Latin America are known under the ‘Tigo’ brand, through which it is available in Bolivia, Colombia, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama and Paraguay.