Cuba moves forward to the analog blackout implementation

With a 70% of the population now accessing to digital TV and more than 2.2 million distributed STBs, Cuba is moving forward tro the analog blackout, which is prevented to be implemented in 2023 in the Caribbean country.

‘However, there are limitations on which we must work before facing the last digital TV deployment step, because we are talking about a program whose purpose is not only to anticipate the inevitable technological obsolescence, but almost to take the service to the largest number of people, in order to benefit them’, said Glauco Guillen Nieto, General Director at the Cuban Telecommunications Research and Development Institute (Lacetel), during the opening of the fourth Annual Information Technology, Multimedia and Telecommunications Conference and the Seventh Digital TV Forum, which are currently being developed in Havana. 

In 2018, Guillen Nieto expressed himself about the analog blackout in Cuba: ‘the right thing is to call it a‘ transition ’, while it will not be an abrupt event nor will it occur at the same time everywhere’, he said.