Cuba expands its DTT coverage

As recently reported by Cuban specialized websites, DTT reached 76.2% coverage on the island, according to Carlos Arencibia Garcia, Technical Director of the Cuban Radio Communication and Broadcasting Company (Radiocuba). In addition, 63 new DTT broadcasters were installed in the territory, as a result of a donation from China, to improve coverage.

‘Despite the conditions that the country faces over COVID-19, our company’s work has not stopped, and we have managed to quickly install 63 new broadcasters across the nation, which,  both in SD and HD quality,, have benefited 58 new territories in Cuba, which until now did not have these benefits or had them with lower quality’, reported Justo Moreno, President of Radiocuba.

Radiocuba executives reported a new header was also installed that enabled two new HD channels to be enabled (called ‘HD3’ and ‘HD4’), which are available in trial versions at the moment.